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Philly Bike Swap

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Philly Bike Swap

Posted By Jim Dellavalle

I just want to say thank you on behalf of Ruben and I. We really enjoyed the bike swap in so many ways. We’re both longtime bike mechanics etc. we brought lots of parts to swap. Here are the highlights from my eyes.

A young boy named Joey a his Father Lou have been regularly coming to the park the minute they caught word of it,
Joeys first bike was a hand me down, and he loved it. At the swap meet I noticed his Father gathering parts through all the vendors. When he came to our both to say HI he and his son needed some help. I offered our service to take all the parts and his two bikes and swap it all together to create Joeys new bike that he would help build with us. It was rad! His Father Lou got really into it and you could see the nurturing between Father and son. Money can’t buy this type of experience. We ran into some mechanical difficulties but because of the bike swap we were able to find the parts to make Joeys bike reality. Within 2 hours we watched Joey pump the tracks with his red white and blue ribbon on earned by completing the skill lesson through the direction of Ken. I was pretty stoked after this took place and seeing both Father and son happy made the day.
Within minutes of the bike build for Joey a local walked up to Ruben and I and had asked us where the local bike shop was to get there bike tuned. I have them some names and seeing both Ruben and I are not from Philadelphia we offered to just help the family out. Isn’t that what this was all about? Heck yeah! So they patiently waited with there bike and asked a bunch of questions regarding the track and what was taking place. It was a true and honest innocent local uninformed Of this pumptrack project.
I tuned the mountain bike up for the Father and got him to understand how to shift it which caused the mechanical problem in the first place. After it was all good, he and his son went home. Within an hours time I noticed the Father back at the swap and he was looking at some used Mountain bikes.
I knew what was going on and I didn’t want to interfere. It’s a Soul thing. He came back to find out. To create a healthy lifestyle choice with his son. He wanted to find a way to share time with his boy. Awesome! He got a bike and rode home to his family and I can only imagine the joy on his sons face when he saw his Dad rolling home on two wheels to go ride with him in the park.
Both Ruben and I toons break with my two sons and had lunch from the food truck which had really good food And prices by the way. After our break we swapped some more and met another local adult who watched us swap Joeys bike together.
He asked me if we needed more bikes. His business is to clean out homes when people move and alot of times bikes are left behind. True bike swap vibe was going down with this guy. It was also great to hear his stories and appreciate what we all were doing with the pumptracks. I noticed he left and came back with his daughter, son and there new puppy. They hung out in Kens Grandfather chair and he was amazed at all the creativity out group gave to the grounds there.
His son rode the pumptrack and was having a blast….
I know this happens everyday probably but for Ruben and I it was not normal. I was engulfed in joy and pride to be part of such a event and project.
So last but not least the riding, the DJ, the balloons, the character, overall topped it off. The grass roots level of respect for the tracks and the way everyone just looks after each other is overwhelming sometimes.
I want to say Thank You for making it happen and giving opportunities to people to turn dreams into reality…
PS : my boys Sebastian and Devin said they had a blast and were so happy to Dig. They were asking. About the wheel barrel and shovels all the way down. They love the pumptrack. When Heidi said they could Dig they’re faces started to Glow! Thank you all!

Jim Dellavalle


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