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Pop Up Park Designs

Dellavalle Designs Pop Up Park Designs

Pop Up Park Designs

Posted By Jim Dellavalle

Dellavalle Designs has years of experience in all aspects of design, layout and construction for walking and Mountain Biking Trails, as well as Bike Parks. Dellavalle Designs brings you the best of Outdoor Trail making. Dellavalle Designs brings to you their expertise in Trail design Consultation and Trail Construction. Architectural Landscape Plans, Land Development, Site Planning and Design, Storm Water Management

 Pop Up Park Designs

What is a “Pump Track”?

A Pump Track is a directional dirt pathway in any configuration of an oval or loop with small rollers and banked turns, very similar to a miniaturized BMX track. They can be used by riders of all ages, including most children’s bikes with training wheels due to the smooth dirt surface.

What is the purpose of a “Pump Track”?

The purpose of a pump track is to safely and properly increase the skill of the rider by learning to use momentum gained on the backs of the small rollers to propel the rider forward (known as “pumping”) and maintain speed in a controlled environment. The goal is to continue riding around the loop several times without pedaling or stopping, and this creates a fun and physical workout the longer the rider continues.

By learning this enjoyable skill in a controlled environment, the rider will be better able to handle his or her bicycle in any situation, all while avoiding the hazards of cars on the street.

It’s fun, safe and challenging.


Why build a “Pump Track”?

By providing a safe place for young riders to learn these handling skills, a foundation is provided to instill a lifelong desire to spend time out of doors in the healthy activity of cycling. Similar to a skate park, spectators (parents, children, community members and other cyclists) can actively participate in cheering on and encouraging the riders. Additionally, the existence of these types of parks, bind the community together spreading the culture and encourage more participants to experience the joys of cycling. Using existing local bicycle groups to assist in maintaining the facility, the local community is expanded beyond the immediate area with a common goal of getting more people on bicycles.


Why is a “Pump Track” safe?

The intentional design of a pump track is “safety first”. They are built of packed dirt, similar to a baseball field. The features (rollers and banked corners) are generally low and rounded, not intended for “jumping” but rolling with both wheels on the ground. A pump track is directional, eliminating collisions. The interior can also be covered in mulch for increased safety and aesthetics.


Is a “Pump Track” hard to maintain?

Maintenance is not only easy but relatively cost free using volunteer efforts, only requiring dirt, shovels and a wheelbarrow. Riders will inherently take the initiative to maintain the track’s integrity because they don’t want to lose riding time. Additionally, the non-track area provides green space within the city limits to plant trees and other flora.

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Dellavalle Designs: A Leader in Pump Track Development