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Posted By Jim Dellavalle

Hello Jim

Thank you for getting in touch.
My son and I spent the day repairing the track with Chris…and then the evening pumping. It was a great day!
And yes, it is a little worn, but it is still a lot of fun. Mind you, in terms of binding a community, it is working a treat. Maybe because I look (and am) an old fart, people kept coming up to me all day with questions about how to get started and for advice on pumping (and I am nothing like as flowy as you no doubt are), but I am sure I helped a little. And that is what these places should really be all about.
Of course, the other great thing about riding, as we have shown, is that it helps make the world a smaller place…and that can only be for the good.
So yes, I will stay in touch as i really believe this model would work very well in Australia.
All the best,
PS I think you design is the best I’ve seen…no doubt a huge amount of thought went into the design process. Congratulations.

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