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Track Maintenance

Dellavalle Designs Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance

Posted By Jim Dellavalle

Track Maintenance

Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy and understand the pumptrack we designed and constructed for you.

Never ride the track in the rain or after it has just rained. This sort of action will cause ruts made by the wheels and feet into the surface of the track. This will degrade the style and cause runoff to be directed to different areas instead of where it was designed to go. The track when wet is especially slippery and would be unsafe to walk on considering the grades it’s designed with. Covering the track with a plastic sheeting of any kind will help tremendously when there are large rain storms and through the winter months.
Note the winter months
The track should be tarped, sheeted to keep the surface from being saturated by storm water and snow. Sheeting can be stapled down and covered with rocks, tire beads, sand bags or anything solid to prevent the sheeting from being blown off. When the winter changes to spring the Thaw that happens with the fluctuating temperatures is also a time to stay off the track and let it continue to dry out naturally. In the Northeast USA we typically start to get the tracks opened mid March depending on temperature rise. Once the temps stay above 50 it will be safe to use the track. If the track is hit by major rain storms uncovered this is what you can expect. Major impact on the rising surfaces where the storm water scours the fines off the track and I to the sides of the rain gardens. You will have to remove those fines from the rain gardens first and foremost otherwise they will clog the drainage system. A good spread of fine dirt, clay can be applied to a moistened surface. Sometimes with a small screener you can capture this fines and reapply them to the rising surface again.
If collapses or large cracks form into the track.
First, do not ride the track at this point. Call us immediately for assistance. We can direct you or come out to service the damage to the design. Most importantly keep the track covered in times when there will be storms with significant rain and throughout the entire winter months. During the riding season keep the track moist when there’s a lot of high heat and direct sunlight. Try not to over saturate the tracks riding surface when watering. Be good to the track and respect its natural environment. Keep Care of it, and enjoy riding it day and night. If you ever need assistance with the track feel free to call us at anytime we will schedule a time to visit and go over the tracks design again and help you understand how to care for it better….

Track Maintenance: http://dellavalledesigns.com Track Maintenance: http://dellavalledesigns.com Track Maintenance: http://dellavalledesigns.com Track Maintenance: http://dellavalledesigns.com

Track Maintenance: http://dellavalledesigns.com

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