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Dellavalle Designs

A Leader in Pump Track Development



Jim Dellavalle has competed in the sport of off-road mountain biking for more than a decade 2001-2011 and climbed from the expert ranks to the pro level in downhill, dual slalom and professional freestyle cycling.
Jim is experienced in all aspects of design, layout, and construction for walking and mountain biking trails, as well as, bike parks. He has been a trail design consultant and trail construction contractor for 20 years. Jim understands sustainable trail design, following IMBA Standards and he strives to reduce the environmental footprint of trails on the landscape. He has experience with mechanized machinery and trail design equipment that reduces environmental impacts.
From his home base in the Poconos, Jim is a Ride Leader and programmer for the “Trips For Kids” Pocono Chapter. He is the Head Coach for Madd March Racing, a branch of Off-road Cycling Camps Worldwide. He currently stewards trails in NY, NJ, and PA with local IMBA volunteer cycling clubs. He is aware of current trends in off-road cycling and he strives to educate and teach the younger generation by facilitating the construction of “progressive” trail networks and bike parks designs. Jim is also available for presentations on the art of trail sculpting, progressive biking trail designs, and the art of road to trail conversions. Lastly, Jim organizes monthly riding events, dovetailed with trail appreciation and education programs for volunteer/ non profit groups in the Tri State area.



Jim has facilitated the design and has individually designed various sections of trail and bike parks at the following biking destinations:
• Brooklyn Bike Park in the Williamsburg section of NYC
• West Milford Pump Track, with JORBA, West Milford NJ
• Philadelphia Pump Track with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
• Morrison Cove Bike Park Conceptual Rendering, Martinsburg, PA
• Rivers Edge Bike Park, Delaware Water Gap, PA
• Wildlife Prairie State Park Pump Track, Hanna City, IL
• High Bridge Bike Park in Manhattan, NY with IMBA’s Micheal Vitti
• Cunningham Bike Park in Queens, NY

Dellavalle Designs

Jim Dellavalle

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